Overview new films in Autumn 2017

  1. The Hunger games: Catching fire.
    The beautiful Jennifer Lawrence in the role of Katness Everdeen who survived the ruthless Hunger games continues her battle for survival – new adventures await her in the brutal Arena. As expected, the sequel to the more than successful screen version of Susan Collins sensational bestseller, based on the second book of the Hunger games trilogy, gave rise to genuine interest in seeing cinemas – the film has become one of the most eagerly anticipated films of 2013.
  2. Last Vegas
    The subject of this film does not seem to be particularly complicated: four elderly man set off for Las Vegas to have some fun while throwing a bachelor party for the last of the four to get married. However, after learning who is playing in the leading roles, you will definitely decide to see this Hollywood comedy. Just imagine Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline in one film. It’s not difficult to guess what’s the prince will be doing in Las Vegas clubs, you don’t girls, alcohol, brawls and the inevitable hangovers the morning after.
  3. 3. Rush
    The 1970s. The golden age of Formula1. James Hunt and Nikki Lauda – two legendary race car drivers and fierce rivals. Director Ron Howard was able to film this deep sports drama about true rivalry. The backdrops for the battle between the strong-willed characters are the roaring engines of powerful fireballs, sexy admirers and dangerous Formula 1 tracks. The film is watched in the blink of an eye, completely filling the atmosphere with retro-aesthetics and human passion for the number one in motor sport.
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